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Privacy Policy Statement

The West End Marketing Alliance (WEMA) brings together a range of businesses, all with a shared interest in the continued success of the West End.

WEMA members include: Covent Garden London , Heart of London Business Alliance, New West End Company, Shaftesbury PLC, Society of London Theatre, Visit London and Westminster City Council.

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How we use your personal information
WEMA respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information. WEMA collects the personal information we need to provide information services to you. Your details will never be passed on to anyone else unless you have given us your express permission.

WEMA will continue to send you information based on what you have opted-in to receive.

Your rights
You have a right to access all personal information that WEMA collects and holds about you. If at any time your details change or you would like to access any personal information we have collected about you, or you would like further information on our approach to privacy, please tell us. (Note: WEMA does not sell its database to any third parties) WEMA considers the responsible use of personal information to be of vital importance. WEMA is committed to respecting your privacy.

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